Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Air Balloon

On Wednesday the 7th of May we got to see a real hot air balloon on our field. The people who showed us it were 2 guys called Darryl and Matt. I was exited to see a hot air balloon floating in the air.
The first thing they did was set it up. After that they put the cold air in it. It was cool because when there was enough air it kind of looked like a colourful ocean. When I also looked inside it was like a dome shaped bouncy castle except that it was stinky like socks that have been in your room for a year and they havent been into the washing machine. When eveybody had looked inside the hot air balloon it was time to heat the air in it with 2 burners. When it was finished they tested it before it lifted. When it was in the air it covered the whole sun it was that big.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Term 2: Up,Up and Away

"Up,Up and Away", here is another term of super cool learning. We are learning about flight and how things fly. I have been waiting to learn about helicopters, planes, hang gliders and more.
At our immersion assembly I saw Mrs Tele'a as MSG and that stands for Manu Samoa Girl.