Sunday, August 31, 2008

cross country

"On your marks, get set, go!" Principal Mr Burt yelled. We had to run a long way and I mean a long way. Man, we had to run around our field, then go out of the school bounds to our reserve and then come in to the finish line. I was with the 9 year old boys and I was jogging with my friend Tyler P.

I was lucky that it did not rain.I was getting wind in my face when I was jogging and that was part of the weather that I liked because it cooled me down when I was jogging .It was like having an air conditioner that was on full blast.There was no sun so I could see easily where the finish line was.

When I was nearly there, I felt like I was about to slow down and I felt like the slowest creature in the world. People were saying "Come on Leoden, push it!" so I did. I sprinted to the end with all I had left. I was so proud of myself!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nadia Comaneci

Thump as Nadia Comaneci just finished a very good routine on the bars and a.................................
what ? A 1 comes up wait that's a 10 the crowd is just going wild I can't believe it.

Nadia Comaneci was born in Romania 1961. She stared gymnastics at the age of 6. She won Heaps of medals when she was in the Romanian team and got 7 10s then {when she was older} defected and marred Bart Conner in the USA

She was very hard working in her training. She trained 4 hours a day excpt for sunday.She had eveything that a very very good gymnastics pro has. Now that's a good gymnastics pro.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cross Country practise

"Ready set go" The senior school were doing cross country practise on the 24 of July.We started at the Kindergarden gate ran up to the roundabout next to the shops back in to the school and there i was .When I was running it felt like I was in a desert because I was very Hot.I was Jogging at the start because if you don't you will lose all your energy and become slower than a land turtle.I was determined to Ketchup to Sione and Nathaniel so I jogged all the way to them and talked to them while Jogging. We went pass the gate and ms Squires and Mr Palmer so we had Jogged halfway.I was puffed out that I could stop but I did not and I sprinted to the end.We did it again for lap 2.When we were at the finsh we did stretches so we do no t pull any thing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Cool our topic is we are the champions.we are doing this because the 2008 Beijing olympics is starting. all of the school had an immersion assembly so the teachers dressed up to look like champions.
Mr Burt was Mark Todd but I did not know who he was until Feki got the answer right when he was guessing but now I know who he is.He is an equestrian and he has got more golden medals than any New Zealander that lives right now also even thought he is old he is going to try again at these olympics so he is not giving up just like our saying champions never give up.That was the person that I liked the best.
after all the teachers finshed we had to leave for class