Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting jiggy with Will Smith......

Imagine singing "I'm Yours"  by Jason Mraz with some students, Peni playing the uke and Will Smith "getting jiggy with it" on his seat via iChat video conference. Yes this is true, it all happened on Wednesday 15th April 2009.

A small group of
Pt England students and ex students were lucky enough to talk to the famous and talented and amazing movie star and singer! He is so cool and is a really funny guy. He will be getting an award from the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance. Tolerance in the dictionary means allowing and accepting other peoples rights to their own opinions and actions. That was the topic that we talked to Will about.

He was talking to us about this because when he is going to get the award he will be reading a poem about tolerance. This poem will be special because the students in a programme called  
R.O.W will have added their own two sentences to the poem that he started off. I would love to see the finished poem.

Peni was funny to Will Smith. This is what he said "We do not tolerate that flag behind you because it is Australian and we are from New Zealand" and then everyone roared with laughter, even Will Smith cracked up laughing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


In extension we have been working on a project that is in R.O.W. This stands for Rock Our World. It is a world wide project, which involves heaps of countries in the world. They have themes and the theme for this round is food!!!!! {I love my food with a nice cold icy drink too} In my other post, you can read more about what we did.

They also have a format called garageband. You make a music track on this and then send it to the schools who are participating in Rock Our World. Every school in Rock Our World, gets a schedule to add on their computerized instruments. Point England School was on drums for that week. All of us in extension made a track and Moses got the most votes. His track got sent to the next country. Nice work Moses.

On Flickr we made Mihi's to introduce ourselves to Rock Our World. We used pixelmator or hyperstudio 5 to draw our graphics. After we finished drawing we put it into a programme called comic life. This puts our pictures into frames and joins them together to make a really cool page where we can also add notes to it once it is on Flickr. If you want to know what one looks like, you can copy this address.