Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My team (The Celtics) won our basketball game final!

thanks to www.celticsgreen.proboards18.com, www.nancarrow-webdesk.com and www.nba.com for the photos

As I walked in, I didnt know that we were playing finals. Really noone in our team knew, not even our parents. I saw the other team (Parnell conquers) outside getting pumped up like rockets by their coach. They all looked like year 6s but i thought we could still win but probably it would be a close game. The hooter rang and I felt like Kobe Brayent (in the lakers instead of the celtics) storming onto the court. My team warmed up and we were ready to roll. In the first 10mins, we were point for point. I could hear the parents screaming like loud speakers. At half time we were up by 6points. Our coach (a guy called Steve) told us that we had to play hard on defense and we will win this game on defense! Guess what ...........WE WON just like Steve said. We tharshed them 34-18 HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were named after celtics thanks to them for the name

Monday, November 10, 2008

the video conference to the usa

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Joshua Klein. Have you heard about him ? If you have heard about him he must be smart,really smart. He researched crows for ten years. It must of been long very long!

Joshua got this idea from when he was with his friends at a cocktail party. His friend told him about the crows, his friend wanted to kill them. Joshua said "Couldn't we train them for something useful". His friend said that it was impossible.

Joshua made a vending machine for crows. It had four stages. First it was surrounded by coins and nuts. The crows just kept on coming until he would then change into the next stage.The next step was that a coin would pop out then the crows would hit it and they would get a nut.The last and final step was that when a crow would come and nothing would happen.The crows would get a smart idea from step 1 to get the coins and then get the nut.