Thursday, May 6, 2010

Camp Adair 2010

Hi readers, sorry for not blogging regularly. Ive been pretty busy since my last post. Ive started intermediate and Ive just come back from camp.

The camp that I came from is called Camp Adair and it is near Papakura in South Auckland. We did activities like archery, a mudslide, confedence course, kayaking, trapeze, rambo bridge and many more. Archery was the best activity for me because I nearly got a bullseye in the practice round. When we had to compete for real, my group lost!!! The groups agreed in the begining that the losers had to eat dinner that night with a spoon or our hands. It wasnt really a punishment for me because I wasnt hungry.

Our first activity for the day was the mudslide. Imagine at 9am when its freezing, sliding down a black slippery tarpoline into ice cold disgusting muddy water. I waited patiently in line for my turn and then I got a shock as I entered the freezing muddy water. Everyone was shivering when they first touched the water. My Dad told our group that if we rub mud on our butts, we will slide down faster. Cooper was the first one to try it and boy did he zoom down!

These two activities were really fun for me at camp. Unfortunately we only got to do 9 activities out of 18. I would love to go back and try the other 9 activities.