Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm only 10 and I just met John Key!

Wow, imagine that, you're only 10 years old and you get to meet the Prime Minister of your country, along with 3 other pupils from your school.
That's the Right Honourable JOHN KEY {The Prime Minister of New Zealand}. This was on the last day of term 2, Pt England School.

The meeting took place at Ruapotaka Marae in Tamaki,Auckland City. My classmates and I went with our
I.C.T. teacher Mrs Tele'a. They were Tanielu, Cruz, Sela and myself. Some of us were getting a little nervous......

There is a good thing going on and it is called the Tamaki transformation and this was the subject that we were talking to him about. We had three questions for him. When we arrived at the marae, it felt like ages waiting for the Prime Minister to come into the marae. There was a group, singing a Maori waiata and the boys sounded like they were doing a haka. There was a lot of other people who had come with him, I think they must have been the Minister of Education and the Mayor of this area.

When he sat down, Maori people began to say a speech in Maori from the side that we were sitting on. Then the side that John Key and all the other Parliamentary people were sitting had a speech too. This would keep going on and there would be a Maori song after about 2 Maori speeches. I think every body that was Maori did a speech and even the Prime Minister himself did a speech in Maori. As I'm not Maori, I didn't understand a single word they were saying but I asumed that they were welcoming each other.

It was kai {lunch} time when we finally did our interview. The interview was really cool, click above and you can watch for yourself.