Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a SHOCKING game....

The ultimate Storm win the Grand Final, I still can't quite believe it. They have won 2 times in the last four years. They had just beaten the Parramatta Eels to take the title. A team that has won 10 of their 11 games before they had been beaten last Sunday.

The first half was domanated by the most experienced team, Melbourne Storm. When the Storm had gotten their first try, the Eels looked determined but unable to hit back. After a little while, the Storm were setting up for their second try and then they had gotten it. Now the Eels were in shock. They havent been in this situation for a long time, this through them off. Their kicking game was no good. They could'nt make some good yardage and their plays could not get them through the defence line. The Storms defence was very very strong.! At this stage, I was quivering with anticipation. Iwas thinking "I wonder what kind of magic the Eels are going to produce, actully, I wonder if there was going to be any magic?". At half time, the Storm were leading 10-0. I decided to try and cool myself down because I was getting angry at the scoreboard.

aT halftime, the Eels coach must of given some pretty good commands because I saw a spark in their play when they came back on. After 10minutes, the Eels put some points on the board, the score was now 10-6. Melbourne came back and scored another 2 tries with the Eels answering back with one of their tries. The Eels coach Daniel Anderson, decided to bring his big gun back onto the field, Fuifui Moemoe. In less than 5minutes Fuifui had stormed down to the try line and had gotten a try to put some hope back in Parramatta. The Eels were now down 1 converted try. The game carried on when Fuifui Moemoe had just made a beautiful tackle around the legs of Billy Slater who then dropped it. The referee called it a strip when it wasnt. When we watched it in slow mo, I could not believe my eyes. It was such a important time of the game for the referee to make a dumb decision. I was devastated for my team and angry at the referee. 5 tackles later, the Storm kicked a field drop goal. When it went over, there was only 2minutes to go. I knew the dream of winning the Grand final for my team was over. 2nd place is still awesome for a team that has not won since 23 years ago. WATCH OUT FOR THE PARRAMATTA EELS IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!