Monday, October 27, 2008

SUIPI, an old persons game?

If you are Samoan, you probably would know this card game. You need a deck of cards that go up to 13 and at least 2 players. There are 23 points in a game.A joker is a 13. 12 points or more will win you the game and this is how you play.
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1. Shuffle the deck of cards
2. Put 4 cards flipped up and deal 10 cards to yourself and your opponent
3. The person not dealing goes first. You can pick up a matching card (one on the table and one in your hand) or you can put another numbered card on top of a another numbered card to add up to a card you have in your hand. Example if there is a 4 on the table and you are holding a 9 and a 13, you can put your 9 on top of the 4 to make 13.
4. The dealer gets his turn and he can do the same. Pick up a matching card or pick up the 13 the other person made if he has a 13 or make his own one.
5. When all your 10 cards are finished, the dealer repeats dealing the 10 cards till the pack is finished.
6. Now here is how you get points.

3points = most cards, you need more than 32 cards
1point = most spades, you need more than 8
1point for each ace
1point for 2 of spades only
5points for the 13 of diamonds only
4points foe the 12 of diamonds only
3points for the 11 of diamonds only
2points for the 10 of diamonds only

To get a suipi, you have to pick up the last card or cards in the round before the next deal. This is worth 1 point each and its also the name of the game. These points are extra. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game WINS!

Old persons game, I think not. If you get good at it. I'm up for the challenge. Bring it on!

Hint: To be a good player, you have to have good addition and memory skills