Friday, June 26, 2009

The history of dinoasurs in a museum

This week on Wednesday we got to go to the museum. They had activities on dinosaurs which is our topic for this term. We had to go with the year fives because we had a test the day before when the rest of the year six's went. We all went on one bus and I was sitting next to a classmate of mine, Moses. It was a long way from our school to the museum in town. We were divided into Five or six groups. In my group it was me, Tanielu, Sela, Seni-Mino, Toreka and our parent helper Havea. When we got there we saw two schools. One of them was Parnell but I do not know what the other school was.

First we went to the natural history part of the museum. It was very cool because they had statues that looked realistic and
they also had three lizards. Two of them were green and the other was camouflaged like the little tree that was put in there. Secondly we went outside to have our morning tea.We only had a little time for playing on the field across the street. when we went inside we had to climb a big staircase to get to our next activity.
For our next activity we went into a big wooden circle thing. A guy called Paul was telling us our new activity. For the first part of the activity we went into our groups and Paul put out some special objects into boxes. We all felt them and me and Tanielu smelt it and me and him regretted it because Paul said it was his favourite and you would not guess what it is! It was dinosaur poo! Thats right, dinosaur Poo!!!!!!
The second part of the activity was about moa.
They are extinct large New Zealand birds. They think that Moa might have lived when the dinoasurs lived.
After a long day at museum we went back to school.