Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Electric Parramatta Eels slither to the GRAND FINAL

"Wooooooo!!!!"went the hooter. Did you know that the Bulldogs lost against the Parramatta Eels last night? Everybody thought that it was going to be a close game but the final outcome was 22-12.

The first half was messy for both sides but in the 4th minute the Bulldogs managed to get a try. The worse thing for the Eels was their star player Jarryd Hayne was put on report for a knee to the upper body of Bryson Goodwin. I hope Jarryd does not get a suspension for the last game of the season. The Bulldogs had an opportunity to get an 8 point lead but Hazem did not get one of his conversions. The Eels did not give up and then finally made their first try of the game. This evened the score up, so now it was 6 all but the dogs came back with determanation and scored another try. At half time the Bulldogs were leading 12-6.

I could tell that Daniel Anderson {their coach} was telling them to do this and that when the Eels were in their changing rooms for half time. The commentators were talking nonstop about the first half.
The Eels were all listening hard because they wanted to win the game and so did I. I was feeling nervous because what if they did not come back to win? What if they get a beating?

The nervous feeling started to go away because they scored another try in the 2nd half. That means that the score was even..... again. After about 15 more minutes they got another try and that feeling went away again then a new feeling came inside me. Can you guess what it was? If you guessed happiness and proud you would be right.

My Uncle Matt said that his team {the Bulldogs} would win. He mocked my team before the game started and he said "...Can you guess what bulldogs eat for breakfast? Smoked Eels....". when he said that I did not mind because I knew that the Parramatta Eels would win anyway. When another try {the last} and conversion were added for the Eels, I said to my Uncle "what were you saying about smoked Eels?" and he said "Yeah yeah" then we both laughed together.

In the grand final it will be the Parramatta Eels against the winner of The Brisbourn Broncos or the Melbourne Storms who are playing each other today.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Parramatta Eels electrifry the Titans....PERMANENTLY

"The season is well and truly over for the Gold Coast Titans" sadly said the commentator. My gosh, did I see the Parramatta Eels last night win again? First, over the St George Dragons and now the Titans. The score was absolutely amazing.

The Eels did not let them even score a try. The score was 27 -2 to the "electrifying" Eels. They were on fire in the first half and they only made a few mistakes. At least the Gold Coast Titans had a two pointer. It was 12-2 just before half time and can you guess who stepped up and got the field goal? He has the title "Player of the Year" and the award to make it official. This man was in my last post "My FAVOURITE rugby league player". If you guessed Jarryd Hayne then you would be right.

He is the ultimate player. He can kick a 40-20, score tries, can make up beautiful plays, set up tries and now he can kick a field goal. He did it just when the buzzer went for half time. I wanted to run around like a crazy manic. In the second half though, the Eels made a few too many mistakes but they still held on.

There were times when the Titans nearly scored but the mighty Eels still held on. Instead of the Titans getting tries , it was the stunning Eels that had the tries, but they only scored 2 tries this time. The first try was when the Eels passed the ball out wide and then passed it back inside. It felt like a classic maneuver to me. The second try was from pure power and footwork. Ben smith scored this try which was the last.

The scrum was down and packed then the halfback passed the ball to Ben smith. It was a good situation for Smith. It was him against the tackler Luke Bailey, so he just fended him off and did a little step then he had his first try in first grade. To make it even worse for the Titans, they got a penalty so the Eels chose to finish the game in style which was to slot the ball in between the posts and that's what Luke Burt did. I was screaming in my mind and saying "YES" then saying yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PARRAMATTA EELS ARE ON FIRE. WATCH OUT BULLDOGS AND BRONCOS

Monday, September 7, 2009

My FAVOURITE rugby league player!

"What a fantastic try by Jarryd Hayne" the commentator shouted through the microphone. Can you take a guess of who my favourite rugby league player is? If you guessed Jarryd Hayne then you guessed correctly! Man, did you see the score against the St George Dragons? Jarryd Hayne got the last try for The Parramatta Eels. He sidestepped 4 people. It was an amazing performance from the Eels. The score was 25 - 12 to the amazing Eels. I could not believe that the Eels had won because sometimes the Dragons would come back, but when Luke Burt got the field goal, I knew that they had won. Next week, they will be versing the Gold Coast Titans. They had lost to their big "brothers" the Broncos. Jarryd Haynes position on the field is the fullback. This position means that if the other team gets tackled five times they have to kick the ball then the fullback retrieves the ball and if he and his team gets tackled five times that team has to kick too. The fulback hardly gets the ball but Jarryd Hayne had played like a half back when he is gotten to his peak. Here is Jarryd Hayne's stats-

D.O.B: 15/02/88

Age: 21

Height: 188cm

Weight: 96kg

Position: fullback/wing

Rep Honours: 3 matches for NSW 07 and 09,1 test for Australia 07, City Origin 07 and played for Fiji 08

and he got player of the year for 2009. The nominees were himself, the five-eighth for the St George Dragons - Jamie Soward or Anthony Watmough who plays for the Manly Sea Eagles. He and the Eels are going through to the finals football {rugby league not soccer} I really hope the Eels win against the Titans. Have you got a favorite League team. Comment and tell me. GO THE PARRAMATTA EELS!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The coolest word site!!! Wordle

Today at extension we got to use a very cool website. It is called Wordle. We used this program to get the picture above. This program scans though your blog and shows you which words you use most often.