Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Electric Parramatta Eels slither to the GRAND FINAL

"Wooooooo!!!!"went the hooter. Did you know that the Bulldogs lost against the Parramatta Eels last night? Everybody thought that it was going to be a close game but the final outcome was 22-12.

The first half was messy for both sides but in the 4th minute the Bulldogs managed to get a try. The worse thing for the Eels was their star player Jarryd Hayne was put on report for a knee to the upper body of Bryson Goodwin. I hope Jarryd does not get a suspension for the last game of the season. The Bulldogs had an opportunity to get an 8 point lead but Hazem did not get one of his conversions. The Eels did not give up and then finally made their first try of the game. This evened the score up, so now it was 6 all but the dogs came back with determanation and scored another try. At half time the Bulldogs were leading 12-6.

I could tell that Daniel Anderson {their coach} was telling them to do this and that when the Eels were in their changing rooms for half time. The commentators were talking nonstop about the first half.
The Eels were all listening hard because they wanted to win the game and so did I. I was feeling nervous because what if they did not come back to win? What if they get a beating?

The nervous feeling started to go away because they scored another try in the 2nd half. That means that the score was even..... again. After about 15 more minutes they got another try and that feeling went away again then a new feeling came inside me. Can you guess what it was? If you guessed happiness and proud you would be right.

My Uncle Matt said that his team {the Bulldogs} would win. He mocked my team before the game started and he said "...Can you guess what bulldogs eat for breakfast? Smoked Eels....". when he said that I did not mind because I knew that the Parramatta Eels would win anyway. When another try {the last} and conversion were added for the Eels, I said to my Uncle "what were you saying about smoked Eels?" and he said "Yeah yeah" then we both laughed together.

In the grand final it will be the Parramatta Eels against the winner of The Brisbourn Broncos or the Melbourne Storms who are playing each other today.



Manaiakalani said...

Leoden I am proud to be the first one in here to congratulate you on your team's enormous win! Good on you for having faith in them. I really enjoyed your write-up. Actually, I am finding your reports better than the media ones - way more passion and pride :) Good for you.
Now incase I am doing something else when the final is on, PLEASE make sure you post a report yourself.
Have a great holiday.
Mrs Burt

Marcus Norrish said...

Hey, well done for a fantastic report on the Eels game. I have to admit that I haven't followed the NRL so closely lately with the Warriors playing so poorly. However, after reading your report I found myself feeling excited about the possibility of watching the final. You communicated all the facts that I wanted to know as well as expressing your obviously passion for your team and the game - very impressive!

Dianella said...

Hey Leoden, that was another good write-up about your team. They certainly deserve to be in the final! Bet you are pretty stoked that Jarryd is allowed to play too.

Actually, I bet you are even more stoked that you get to watch the FINAL and you are not in an aeroplane missing it!

Good luck and I hope your team comes through.(win or lose I'm sure you'd be happy at how far they have come?) Storm are on form and playing really well too. Will certainly be a battle!