Monday, November 23, 2009

Camp Bentzon was AWESOME!!!!!!!

We've had heaps of things happening in term 4 like testing,our school production
athletics and now we get a rest from all that. Last week, year 6s went to camp. There was a lot of preparation for camp. Mrs Flavell said that a guy named Mr Coop would be important because he will be making our food. Peter and Erin {the managers} helped us with our activites. We went to Kawau island then onto Camp Bentzon. We had travelled one hour on the bus and about the same amount of time by
water taxi.

After all this travelling, we finally arrived at camp Bentzon. Some of us were very tired and then the teachers said we were going for a walk to have a swim at a very nice beach. I thought it was going to be a short walk but I was so wrong. They said it was a walk NOT a very steep hike! At least when we were walking we had beautiful views and
the beach was amazing. We had a sand competition and my group won with a koru

Man we had a cool first day, and that was only the first of the 4 days. It was Wednesday and Mr J woke us up for a morning run up a hill and he warned us people have gotten hurt running down the hill. Mr J even told us that one year, some boys
thought that they were "the man" walking up the hill so they decided to run down the hill and then he said "the man at the top and crying baby at the bottom".It was in the morning and before breakfast and we had to run up a steep hill. I felt like a very hot baked bread coming out of an oven when I finished.

Breakfast time is the time when you enjoy nice food and guess what, we had to sing to get our yummy food. Some groups had to sing 2 songs or more but most of the time, the groups only had to sing 2.

On Wednesday and Thursday we did our activities that the teachers had organised. There were heaps of activities like abseiling, sailing in a optimist dingy, a Burma trail,a confidence course and a few more. There was also another activity that was not on the list and that was bombing off a little platform. In our spare time there was a few other
games like a cricket set ,a rugby ball for touch and about 3 tennis balls.

Items. Everybody knows what an item is in New Zealand but for some reason when kids try to sort out a item sometimes we argue because we don't like each others ideas. Its also cool to watch what other people have come up with. This is one of the best things at camp Bentzon because you do not know what they are going to do. They might do something funny or serious, depending on the situation.

After all this we had to pack up and leave. We made our lunch and jumped on the water
taxi. Nearly all of us missed kawau island and also missed our family.

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Anonymous said...

I love your recount of camp Leoden, sounds like you had a blast! I felt like I was there with you.

Your writing has come such a long way! You have done well and should be proud of yourself. Keep up the blogging!