Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue"

"Hey everybody, its show time!" shouted Sione and Jordan P. They were two of the main characters for our school production "The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue". This production was about a toy shop that comes alive when the shopkeeper leaves and the toys celebrate a superb friend that had been sold just before the shop closed.

It was crazy getting ready for this. Pupils were coming in and out of the classrooms and the library. Man, the first night was absolutely stupendous. Everybody was nervous. When the the MCs said those words, it was everyones time to shine. We had to sing the theme song for the production. I was ready to go like a racing car at the start line. I had an ecstatic kind of feeling. I had heaps of energy and at the same time was a little nervous.

My part in the production was playing the recorder and also playing the guitar. I got dressed up as a rat when I was playing the recorder. I felt like a real rat when I was in costume. Instruments are cool because if you play them properly they make a really good sound.

On the other two nights I got better and better at playing the two instruments. I could feel them dance to the music that was being played on the sub woofers. This was an experience that I will never forget.

Here is some footage of me playing the recorder and the guitar. Above is a video of The guitars getting played and down bottom is me playing the recorder like a rat. You can not see me when i am playing the guitar because i am hidden by Kalim a friend of mine that is singing but in the production they call him tiki.


victoria said...

Hey leoden

Its me victoria. I liked that song and i saw you playing the recorder. i bet you that you had fun. See you around. bye.


Victoria said...

Hey tiki.

Its me Victoria. i really like your singing. it was great. hope to see you around. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Another good piece you have written here Leoden.

Its great how you wrote about being excited yet nervous at the same time! Makes the reader imagine themselves in your shoes.

I really love your use of similes! So many adjectives used too, good on you!


PS. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the production too!